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The Global Regenerative Academy (GRA) is a multidisciplinary, non-profit organization* of  health professionals focusing on the investigation, development and clinical use of regenerative therapies. The members include both clinicians and basic scientists working in diverse fields of regenerative medicine. The sections of the Academy are Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Regenerative Gynecology & Obstetrics, Regenerative Urology & Andrology, Regenerative Neurology, Regenerative Plastic Surgery, Regenerative Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine.

In the pulsating hub of Dubai, where innovation seamlessly melds with tradition, a transformative idea blossomed on the 3rd of September, 2023. This visionary initiative, conceived to blend the frontiers of urology and gynecology, envisages a collaborative sanctuary where healthcare exceeds the ordinary, venturing into realms hitherto unexplored. Set to incorporate later in September in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, the American Urology & Gynecology Society (AUG Society) stands as a luminary of collaborative progression in the global medical arena.

The Regenerative Medicine Orthopaedic Society (RMOS) was brought to life in 2022 by Prof. Tahsin Beyzadeoglu and Ass. Prof. George Skarpas. Fueled by a shared conviction in the potential of regenerative medicine to revolutionize orthopaedics, they saw the need for a dedicated forum to promote, explore, and advance this innovative field.


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Central to our financial strategy is the renowned Helms Family Office. Anchored in Switzerland, the heart of global finance, their expertise is our compass.

Frederic Carbonnier

Financial Advisor

Waheed Hussain

Financial Advisor

Why Helms Family Office?

For Global Regenerative Group, our partnership with Helms isn’t just about numbers, it’s about nurturing a financial legacy built on trust, growth, and resilience.

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Transfer Online, Inc. is the stock transfer agent for Global Regenerative Group.

Transfer Online has broken the barrier between in-house processing and outside transfer agent services by allowing the Issuer to access vital information as if it were sitting on their own network – while providing all the benefits of working with a professional transfer agent. The Transfer Online website helps you to easily manage your shares, at the following services are available to you:  View and Maintain Account Details, Print Statement of Holdings, Proxy Votes, Download Common Forms and Transfer Status.  

With 24-hour access to shares and Shareholder data, they can offer their service as a professional transfer agent while you retain the convenience of in-house recordkeeping and control your own costs. Through their proprietary software, Transfer Online provide our clients and their shareholders with immediate and online access to their information.  Transfer Online is keenly focused on providing excellence in customer service to its clients, for every transaction, every time. They achieve this with a balance of their core values: accuracy, fast and friendly service, value and regulatory compliance. Transfer Online’s commitment is one that you can trust.