Liposmart®: UFAT - Your Healing Harmony

Unified Fluid Adipose Tissue (UFAT) System

Starting from the unprecedented promise for regenerative solutions held by human fat, we have created liposmart, a novel concept and system, merging the central evidence that the regenerative potential of stem cells can only be exploited in concert with their own microenvironment (the stromal vascular niche), with the capability of making readily available a Unified Fluid Adipose Tissue (UFAT) derivative, recapitulating within a single product all the traits that compose the biophysical properties of the original fat tissue.

Adipose Stem Cells are traditionally obtained after enzymatic digestion and prolonged expansion in vitro; however, their use is strictly regulated by complicated legislation. Therefore, in the past several years, strategies have been proposed to exploit the regenerative properties of adipose tissue cells through mechanical/non-enzymatic methods, and without expansion, resulting in the development of minimally manipulated products. Among them, micro-fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) has been referred to as one of the safest, smartest, and easiest ways to use adipose tissue in regenerative procedures in a variety of clinical applications. Following this approach, the adipose tissue generally harvested through liposuction is processed by means of a washing and resizing device. Throughout this process, mild mechanical forces are applied, resulting in washed, emulsified, and micro-fragmented adipose tissue, with removal of blood and oil residues. 


From these premises it’s clear that A New Science of Fat Grafting is needed! To satisfy this unmet need, we have now created liposmart®, a new generation of fat processing systems fulfilling a major Conductor Theme: Making readily available a Unified Fat Tissue (UFAT) derivative, recapitulating within a single product all the traits that compose the biophysical properties of the original fat tissue.

We can give back your own UFAT, your own adipose tissue in its regenerative fullness.

Moreover, the flexible design of the LIPOSMART® SYSTEM can provide both a microfragmented fat, or a softer, non-fragmented fat tissue derivative, embedding a seamless stromal vascular niche. These unique features allow adapting the stiffness of LIPOSMART® UFAT to the visco-elastic properties of the recipient tissues, resulting in both unprecedented regenerative outcomes and handling amenability by the Surgeons.

Even more intriguing, the multimodal conception and design of the LIPOSMART® System, can provide personalized solutions, including the release of UFAT or a tissue product embedding its individual components in various combinatorial forms.


liposmart® has been developed and registered as Medical Device Class 2a to harvest, process, and reinject human lipoaspirates. 

The system uses slight mechanical forces in a completely closed context, avoiding enzymes, additives and other manipulations, reproducible without user dependance.


liposmart® comprises a remarkably preserved vascular stroma with slit lumen capillaries wedged between adipocytes / preadipocytes and stromal stems containing vascular channels with clearly visible lumens.