Manufacturing & Distribution


Italy, renowned for its legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, is where our manufacturing brilliance shines. In the cities of Verona & Bologna, we don’t just manufacture; we craft medical masterpieces. From to , our products represent a unique blend of art and science. 

This attention to excellence ensures not only medical efficacy but also robust demand, promising lucrative returns for our investors.

Medical device distribution

Our distribution strategy is a testament to our global ambition. With a network that transcends borders, we’re ensuring our groundbreaking devices are not just available but sought-after in every corner of the world. Our meticulous logistics and supply chain management promise both scale and efficiency, optimizing costs and maximizing profitability. For our investors, this translates to consistent growth and a brand that stands tall on the global stage.

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Research and development

The Research and development department plays an integral role in the life cycle of a product. While the department is separate from sales, production and other divisions of the company, the functions of these areas are related and often require collaboration.

The research paves the way for the development phase. This is the time when the new product is actually developed based on the requirements and ideas created during the research phase. The developed product must meet the product guidelines and any regulatory specifications.

Existing products of the company also fall under the scope of research and development. The department regularly evaluates the products offered by the company to ensure they are still functional. Potential changes or upgrades are considered. In some cases, the research and development department could be asked to resolve a problem with an existing product that malfunctions or to find a new solution if the manufacturing process must change.

The research and development team handles the quality checks on products created. The R&D team has an intimate knowledge of the requirements and specifications of a particular project. This allows team members to ensure the products meet those standards so the company puts out quality products.

Prof. Carlo Ventura

The visionary force behind the success of Liposmart ®. 

Through his groundbreaking research and dedication, we have solidified our position at the forefront of the industry.

Tommaso Brenicci

With 30 years of unmatched experience, Tommaso brings invaluable expertise and extensive connections in the medical field to our R&D efforts.